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The Rife Health range of "Wave resonators":

700 + tested treatments that proven to be effective.

Includes broad-spectrum treatments that each can treat a wide range of ailments. The “Infections” treatment can for instance on its own treat more than 814 ailments.

No guessing or experimenting. The Wave range of resonators has the correct settings and most effective treatments.

1. The Wave Pro (Wave 5)




Price: $790 (Without the Tesla Beamer Coil)

$890 with the Wave Beamer Pad (See below)


Touchscreen. Can edit treatments directly on instrument.

Powerful output. Function to run the Tesla Beamer Coil (An accessory).

One can add own treatments (Series of frequencies) directly on instrument or with software.

2. The Wave  Pulse (Wave 4)

Price: $450

Features: The Wave Pulse is basically a scaled down version of the Wave 5. Although it has the same mother board it has a smaller touchscreen and enclosure to make it even more compact. It can not run the Tesla Coil and one can only add or edit a treatment by connecting it to a Windows run PC with the special (free) Wave Software. It is however still a very powerful Rife-type resonator.

3. The Wave "Beamer" Pad.

A device connected to the Wave5 for Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Price: $120

Features: Connected to the Wave5 it generates a healing electromagnetic field to treat the following: 

Pain and inflammation

Improve energy/circulation, blood/tissue oxygenation

Regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as the uptake of nutrients

Increase cellular detoxification and the ability to regenerate cells

Accelerates repair of bone and soft tissue / relaxes muscles 

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