The Wavescan scans the body for pathogens by sending high frequencies via a sine wave through the body to identify harmfull pathogens and then destroy them with either square waves or sine waves. A pathogen scanner and a resonator that is able to generate either square or sine waves.

This questionable device is sold as a "true" Rife instrument. Sometimes even disguised with a "Rife Resonator" sticker. Read more about the developers.

This is a South African based company and thanks to South African advanced electronic technology such as the original radar and frequency hopping radios for military use and South Africa's lenient laws towards alternative and natural healing methods, Rife Health was able to develop very user friendly and effective instruments, such as the Wave and more recently the Wave Pro.

One of the instruments developed by Rife Health and one of the most advanced resonators internationally available. Very affordable and easy to use. With its added "broad spectrum treatments" about any ailment or disease can be addressed. It even has an effective fat burning program!

For facial toning, treating general skin problems and resonates fat away.

Rife technology is one of the treatments that can be used.

Rife Research Europe

The ultimate website on Rife technology and recent events on the Rife front.

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